YOUR VIEW | Hail To the Blue and White!


To the editor:

As you know, The Francis C. Hammond school colors were selected 53 years ago, as navy blue and white to honor our schools namesake, Alexandria native Francis C. Hammond, a U.S. Navy hero and Medal of Honor recipient. We further honored him by naming our yearbook The Anchor, our school newspaper The Salvo, and our literary magazine the Fore and Aft. Our uniforms – sports, majorettes (sailors cap) cheerleading and other outfits were navy blue and white. Our class gifts included a wheel from the USS Palau, a bell from the USS Tunny and a large ships anchor. The simulated shells protecting the class seal were made at the Naval Weapons Laboratory at Dahlgren – and of course, we are The Admirals!

Even with the City of Alexandria and School Board now designating Hammond as the Francis C. Hammond Middle School Campus with three individual schools within, and their approval of an idea of FCHHS selecting (and displaying) their originally selected colors chosen by the students and parents, the School Board decision of late totally disregards our former student traditions, the heartfelt interest of current students and, most importantly, graduates. Both schools and the Alexandria School Board know that we have active alumni associations, yet we were not consulted or even made aware of the upcoming changes.

Please! Retain the original Francis C. Hammond school colors.

Robert T. Pritchard, FCHHS, 58