YOUR VIEWS | Is Englin All Talk?


To the editor:

Generally speaking, I dont mind seeing campaign yard signs. I think they are an important part of informing the citizenry of their options, and I think this is especially true when it comes to local elections, such as the 45th Distrct delegate race between David Englin and Vicki Vasques. 

However, I couldnt help but be disappointed when I saw an Englin yard sign on a Seminary Road median last week. In two June 25th letters to the Times and Gazette Packet Englin pledged to keep his signs off public property: We ought to commit to this with no loopholes and no exceptions; I will ensure that nobody from my campaign, our local Democratic organizations, or any other group puts my signs anywhere other than in the yards or windows of my supporters. At the time, Mr. Englin said the signs placed an unfortunate burden on local roads maintenance officials, and he hoped his pledge would help preserve the beauty and character of our community. 
It was certainly a reasonable position. The lack of follow through, on the other hand, is a bit disheartening.

Mike ShermanAlexandria