YOUR VIEWS | Keep Our Colors


To the editor:

It was with great sadness and shock to receive notice from our active alumni association that one of the honors bestowed upon Francis C. Hammond may be stripped away!

Francis C. Hammond unselfishly gave his life so that others may live. For his heroic act he was granted the nations highest award, The Congressional Medal of Honor. Congress gave that honor. The City of Alexandria further honored Francis C. Hammond by naming its newest high school after him.
Every team sport donned the navy blue and white: cheerleaders, the marching band and majorettes proudly displayed the navy and white (the majorettes even had sailors caps). Even with class gifts, we honored Hammond. 

Hammond High School and its successor Hammond Middle School honor all those who have served and continue to serve our country. Two alumni gave their lives in Vietnam. It is appropriate that two out of the three colors of our American Flag are the colors of Hammond Middle School.
Fifty-three years ago the Alexandria School Board honored Hammond by naming its newest high school after him and the navy blue and white were chosen as the schools colors. Please do not dishonor a fellow Alexandrian and Medal of Honor recipient by stripping the colors that have been so proudly worn by many.
  Michael H. Clotzman
Class of 62