YOUR VIEWS | No Band-Aid Fixes: Health Care, Please


To the editor:

There are several good reasons to support universal health care.
First, universal health care is the moral thing to do. Jesus never asked for an insurance card when he cured the blind.

Second, universal health care will promote the growth of American small businesses. Starbucks spends more money on health care costs than on coffee. A mom-and-pop business cant compete because of health care. Most people with innovative ideas cant start their own business because of health care costs and the inability to compete against health care spending of larger companies. Competition in business should be based on quality products, not the availability of insurance. Without competitive small businesses, innovation in America will be stifled.  

Third, without universal health care American companies are less competitive abroad. For the most technologically advanced businesses, an unbalanced health care system causes high labor costs and a lower quality of life in America. Universal health care is needed to attract and retain high-tech and high-skill jobs. America is losing these kinds of businesses to other industrialized countries that offer better standards of living.    

Fourth and finally, universal health care is what the people want. Voters elected the majority of their representatives based on a Democratic agenda to improve this country for the better.
John Paul Scherfel Jr.