YOUR VIEWS | Quit Fence-Sitting, Sue Over HOT Lanes


To the editor:

The letter from Mahlon Anderson of the American Automobile Association supporting the I-395 HOT lanes is just what one could expect him to say given the dynamic of his organization. For the people and communities that will be affected, however, the story is different.

We do not want the HOT Lanes because they promised more, not less, congestion, as the HOT Lanes speed people from 40 miles south through our neighborhoods to the Pentagon and beyond. Arlington is courageous and right to file suit against the project. It is time for the Alexandria City Council to quit straddling the fence and come down hard against the HOT Lanes.  

The city should immediately join Arlington in its suit. The West End is already suffering from BRAC and ethanol transloading, now a new indignity threatens.   
Jack Sullivan