YOUR VIEWS | Re-elect Englin, A Personal Politician


To the editor:

As a political Independent who has supported both Democrats and Republicans, I appreciate your coverage of the 45th District House of Delegates race, and I have been deeply disappointed to read the attacks on Delegate David Englin. 

On my first day in my new home in Old Town in 2005, David knocked on my door to introduce himself and he asked me if there was anything he could do for me. With no small degree of skepticism for the outcome I said yes, there was. To my surprise and delight he did all that he promised to do and more.   

He worked tirelessly with the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery to secure proper recognition for my father, Major Dale Richardson, and his flight crew, which included Airman Melvin O. Lindsey of the Gum Springs community in Mount Vernon.  These airmen died flying a classified weather reconnaissance mission during the Cold War, and Delegate Englins efforts enabled us to honor them appropriately on the 50th anniversary of their deaths. 

When my neighbors and I complained about motor coaches parking and idling illegally next to our homes, diminishing our quality of life and putting young children in The Berg at risk, Delegate Englin personally came out, met with about two dozen residents, and walked the streets with us so he could see the problem firsthand. In addition to advocating to the city on our behalf, he personally spoke with motor coach drivers to make them aware they were illegally parked. While we still need a comprehensive solution to this problem from City Hall, Delegate Englins work on our behalf clearly made a difference, as there have been far fewer instances of illegal motor coach parking and idling since his involvement. 

You see, David is not a typical politician. He gives each constituent his personal cell phone number and his home phone number, and he works day in and day out trying to make life better for all of our families however he can. David is a proud Democrat, for sure. But anyone who buys into the partisan attacks from Davids Republican opponent Vicki Vasques and her supporters simply does not know how hard David works for all of our families and for our entire community. 
Delegate David Englin is exactly the kind of devoted and thoughtful leader we need representing us during these challenging times and he deserves our support for re-election. 
Andrea Stowers