Race to Richmond 2009


Another Election Day is upon the city and the state, and while it promises to be less intense than last years on a national level, politicians running here in Alexandria have made their cases for why they should represent the city and the region in Virginias General Assembly in Richmond, while candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general vie for the statewide electorate.

Most local races are far from competitive. Del. Adam Ebbin (D) of the 49th District (parts of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax), Sheriff Dana Lawhorne and Commonwealths Attorney Randy Sengel are all running unopposed, their only challengers being write-ins. But the 45th District (parts of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax) and the 46th District (parts of Alexandria and Fairfax) provide bona fide political races between Democrats and Republicans.

The economy, transportation, education and service cuts have emerged assome of the top issues facing the candidates, all under theinauspicious umbrella of a state budget deficit.

On November 3, voters will decide whether to re-elect incumbent Del. David Englin (D) of Del Ray or elect Old Town resident Vicki Vasques (R) as delegate of the citys 45th District. In the 46th District that includes the citys West End, incumbent Del. Charniele Herring (D), a resident there, looks to remain the areas representative in Richmond while Sasha Gong (R), another West Ender, looks to claim her first political seat at the table.

The polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Contact the citys office of Voter Registration and Elections for precinct and ballot information.

– David Sachs