H1N1 Vaccination Dates for Older Students to Be Determined


Dates for H1N1 flu vaccinations for students in grades two through 12 in all of the citys public schools and certain private schools will be determined when more of the vaccine becomes available to the Alexandria Health Department, according to Alexandria City Public Schools. Due to slower-than-expected production and distribution, the department has not been able to immunize as many people as it had hoped.

Vaccinations for public school students in preschool through first grade were completed October 28, with the same grades in five of the citys private schools following suit. On top of the in-school effort, the city reported that more than 1,500 individuals received their H1N1 vaccines Saturday during Alexandrias first public clinic.

Eventually, schools will have enough vaccine for all students and employees who wish to receive it, ACPS officials said.

To date, the public schools have experienced lower absentee rates than surrounding jurisdictions, a school spokesperson said last week. Five schools have had absentee rates above 10 percent and notification letters have been sent home to parents at those schools to remind them to keep sick children home and to take precautions such as washing hands and coughing into sleeves.