What jobs?


To the editor:

Uncle. Give me a break.

Your article on page A9, Stimulus Packages Bring Federal Contracts and Jobs defies understanding.

Moran claims he brought 466 jobs to Northern Virginia for $218 million. Where? What? When? How many in Alexandria?

But wait, thats obscene even for him. Thats $467,811.16 per job unless my fingers and toes and calculator are not working.

But wait, wait more: The distinguished governor of Virginia says he got 5,900 jobs for $5 billion of my money. Thats $847,457.63 per job. That has to be a typo. No living person would do this. Stupid me, I aint got one of them jobs. Do you?

Stupider me, I am paying for this insane waste.

Stop stealing the money from honest hard working legal taxpayers. Let business create jobs. Government creates nothing. They steal and waste, pay the bad guys, screw the good guys.

When will people wake up? Give me 200 million dollars, or better, a few billion even at the decreased value of the dollar brought on buy the government dolts and stupids and I will get you thousands of jobs and millions in revenue.

Joe Schramm