Your View | Thank You, Now Lets Get Back to Work


To the editor:

Thank you to the people of the 45th District for last weeks strong vote of confidence. Please know that I will keep working hard each day to live up to your faith in me and to continue providing open, responsive, energetic leadership that makes your government work for you. I especially want to express my deep gratitude to my family, friends, supporters and all of the amazing volunteers who continue working so hard year-in and year-out to keep moving Virginia forward.

Thanks also to my Republican opponent, Vicki Vasques, and her supporters for strengthening our democracy by engaging in the process with such great energy. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike can all be proud of the fact that the 49.97-percent voter turnout resulting from our collective efforts gave the 45th District the highest active voter participation in Northern Virginia and the fourth highest of all 100 House of Delegates seats across Virginia.

With the election behind us, we must now refocus our energy on making progress for our entire community. When I return to Richmond in January, I will continue working hard to fund mass transit and protect our environment, for stronger public education and new affordable housing solutions, for quality health care for all people and to ensure a fair shake for every member of our community. 

I am already working on proposals to protect our historic neighborhoods and require transparency and accountability in public-private transportation projects while promoting transit-based regional transportation solutions.  The chairman of the House Finance Committee pledged that he would give my Middle Class and Small Business Tax Relief Act a full, fair hearing this January; I look forward to that first step toward passing this progressive tax reform bill to eliminate the state sales tax on food, lend a hand to families and small businesses, and protect education and transportation. 

As we face the toughest budget year since the Great Depression, having already cut $6 billion of state spending over the past four years, I will continue to be a voice for responsible, efficient choices that promote economic growth and protect core services like education, public safety, public health and safety net services.

While Governor-elect Bob McDonnells record is one of die-hard social conservativism, he suggested during the campaign that he has softened some of his views, and I look forward to holding him to that. 

Republicans in Richmond will now drive the agenda, and I sincerely hope we can focus on issues that will make life better for all Virginians, but rest assured that I will never shy away from my duty to defend and advance our communitys progressive values.

Whatever your background or political affiliation, we are joined together as neighbors, and together we must continue working hard to strengthen our economically and socially diverse community, to defend our communitys progressive values, and to invest in a bright and prosperous future.  

Regardless of whom you voted for last week, I am always open to your ideas and feedback, and if you ever need my assistance, please contact me anytime at or 703-549-3203.

Del. David Englin