Your View | The Tides Are Turning, Thanks to You


To the editor:

Nearly 10,400 Northern Virginians went to the polls last week and voted for me to represent them in the House of Delegates in the 45th District. I want to thank each of them for their confidence in me as well as all those who volunteered their time, gave of their hard-earned money and expressed their best wishes (or shared their advice) along the way.

To put this number in perspective, it was the second highest vote for a Republican candidate in our surrounding area. We outperformed despite the fact that we were outspent by nearly $180,000 almost 39 percent of the total vote count was obtained on 18 percent of the funding as compared to my opponent; $40,000 versus $220,000. My campaign slogan, Change We Can Afford, is an encompassing philosophy for all aspects of our life even political campaigns.

Compared to the last gubernatorial election, the Republican candidate from the 45th District went from approximately 8,500 votes to more than 10,300. The tide is turning. Its not happening overnight, but we are moving up this hill and it is due to the nonstop support, tireless hard work and generosity of many thousands of individuals.  

We should all be proud that the 45th District had the second-highest voter turnout of all 100 districts in the Commonwealth, with nearly 49.5 percent of registered voters turning out. In a district with fewer than 8,000 self-identified Republicans, I feel especially proud to have received so much support from Democrats and Independents.  

Unlike politicians, sometimes numbers dont lie. Republicans are gaining traction in Alexandria. Lets continue building momentum as we move into the 2010 elections. 

This has been the experience of a lifetime. As I think back on all the people Ive met knocking on doors, standing at the Metro, greeting folks at the grocery store and attending events I learned so much about our community and my neighbors, and made friends that will last a lifetime. 

Losing an election is never a happy experience, but its much easier when you remember that, here in America, we the people are the ones who govern, and our elected officials only answer to us. I wish my opponent our public servant my very best, and I thank our community for giving me a better understanding of politics and higher expectations for those we elect to serve us.

Vicki Vasques