Your Views | Im Your Constituent, Not Your Friend


To the editor:

I was incensed that Congressman Jim Morans office chose to send his constituents an email about the health care reform bill passing in the House before the vote was actually taken. He sent it at 3:45 p.m. Saturday when the vote didnt occur until around 11. 

He sends this as if to gloat about its passage. The information he includes in his correspondence is very misleading without the detailed facts about what this bill will really do. Virginians and Americans had a good step forward last Tuesday but this is a huge step backwards with the passage of this bill. Mike Pences speech before the outcome says it all: 

Here is my response to Mr. Moran:

Dear Mr. Moran,
Your recent eNewsletter, Health Care Vote, Hours Away is filled with false and misleading information that is misguided against Americans freedom. Although this vote may be hours away, your defeat is a year away. You address me as Dear Friend. Dear Sir, I respectfully disagree, I am your constituent, not your friend. And you are not representing my views.

C. Ashley Spencer