YOUR VIEWS | Spinning the Wheel of Candidate Fortune?


To the editor:

Last weeks letter from unsuccessful Republican candidate Vicki Vasques was disappointing in her attempt to spin the numbers (The Tides Are Turning, Thanks To You, November 12 -18, 2009). She correctly noted that her 10,410 votes was a strong showing for a Republican in this area.

However, according to the State Board of Elections, Delegate David Englin (D-45) won 16,452 votes, which is more than any other Democratic House candidate in Virginia. But instead of boasting that hes the most popular Democrat in the state, Englin moved beyond partisanship, offered a gracious note of thanks to Ms. Vasques and her supporters, and encouraged everyone to work together to improve our community. Now thats what I call leadership.

Andy Bechhoefer