YOUR VIEW | No crying for criminals


To the editor:

I was amused by the article, “Unfair Word Choice Regarding Immigrants” (December 22, 2009). From the point of view of my ancestors, the Native American Indian, the word “immigrant” did not exist only “welcomed but unwanted visitors” exist. 

The current legal system, which was developed and implemented by Europeans who were themselves immigrants (unwanted visitors), proudly identifies lawfully admitted immigrants as legal and those that violated immigration law, for whatever compelling reason, as illegal or undocumented (a euphemism for illegal) immigrants. 

As for unfair word choice, one should consider that justice is the concept of rightness based upon law. If I might offer an analogy, my ancestors contributed the competitive sport of lacrosse to this country. America’s pastime has traditionally been baseball, where the foul pole is fair and everything else is foul not an unfair concept. With apologies to Tom Hanks, there is no crying or unfairness in baseball.

Stevie Gee