Alexandria is country’s most romantic city, kind of


Let’s say Alexandria was deemed one of the most romantic cities in the country. One might point to a boat ride on the Potomac or a historically enticing getaway to a luxury hotel and spa as reasoning for the distinction.

According to, Alexandria is the most romantic city in the country, but it’s not a matter of ambiance it’s a matter of the city’s apparent affinity for Barry White, romantic comedies, sexual wellness products, romance novels and books having to do with sex and relationships.

Washington Business Journal originally reported on the somewhat dubious distinction, based on the website’s sales, earlier this week. 

Alexandria topped the list of 20, but it has regional company. Arlington ranks No. 7 and Washington ranks No. 11, while Richmond ranked 14th.

“Virginia, with three cities in the Top 20, may be for lovers like the state’s tourism slogan says, but Florida is for romantics, with four cities Miami, Gainesville, Orlando and Tallahassee ranked among the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.