Council minutes


Budget unveiling postponed a week

When the city government held its budget retreat in November, officials estimated that they would need $43.4 million more than would be available to maintain the status quo next fiscal year (July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011).

City Manager Jim Hartmann was expected to release his proposed operating budget Tuesday night at City Hall, but last weekend’s storm and the imminent threat of more snow accumulation postponed the legislative meeting until next Tuesday at 7 p.m. in City Hall’s Council Chambers, a city spokesman said.

While officials and staff members continue to crunch numbers up until that time, a city spokesperson said the deficit will likely be in the ballpark of the original estimate, though new figures like those spawning from real estate assessments will play a role.

Next week’s City Council meeting begins the tug of war that comes with the budget season. After the budget is proposed, public hearings and work sessions will take up much of Council’s time before the approved document is released this spring.

Council, Moran to discuss federal issues

Each year, the City Council meets with Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) and other federal representatives to discuss how to best represent Alexandria across the river on the Hill. Moran will attend Tuesday night’s meeting to review last year’s successes and failures and receive guidance for 2010.

Topping the city’s agenda for Moran is securing funding for transportation improvements near Mark Center, where 6,400-plus Department of Defense employees will call home five days a week once the new Washington Headquarters Service structure is built. 

The federal WHS building is also in the city’s busiest sector for the Alexandria Fire Department’s engine companies and emergency medical staff, according to a Council memo, so the city is seeking assistance with its public safety operations as well. That’s 6,400 more human lives in an already dense area.

Moran supported locating the federal structure in Springfield, which is also part of his district.
The congressman and elected city officials will also discuss funding for several various public transit projects, a bicycle-integration initiative, cultural enhancements and issues relating to public safety.