Everyone’s pooped, but do your part


To the editor:

The massive snowstorms of the past two weeks have brought out the best in Alexandria residents.Neighbors have helped dig out cars, sidewalks, and houses. Unfortunately, the snowstorms have also brought out the worstin many Alexandria dog owners. The amount of canine feces left by dog owners over the past week and a half is staggering. Two weeks after the last storm and almost two weeks since public trashcans have become accessible once again, there are fresh dog feces littering the sidewalks, driveways and roads of Alexandria.

Dog excrement is a public health hazard.If not disposed of properly, these piles increase the spread of disease. City ordinances specifically requiring dog owners to clean up after their pets are intended to prevent such public health issues.

So please, Alexandria, pick up after your dog.It is not only the lawful thing to do; it’s the right thing to do.

Andrew H. Magoun