Ineligible players affect whole team’s individual futures


To the editor:

How can Billy Rowland be “floored” when he learned of his ineligible status (“Titans forced to forfeit 12 wins,” February 4, 2010)? He knew he was in his fifth year of high school. And so did Darrius Porter.  Where’s the question to the team by the coach, “Who is in his fifth year of high school?” Where’s the honor code from the players? “Coach, I’m in my fifth year of high school.” 

Violations like this are bigger than a miscommunication between the guidance and athletic offices. A forfeiture like this changes the win-loss record and that affects young men’s prospects of being scouted and given scholarships scholarships that would likely make a significant impact on a person’s future education, career and earnings, even if they did not pursue basketball as a profession. 

It is not just Rowland and Porter that were built up and had something taken away from them, it is their teammates as well. 
Rob Shepherd
T.C. Williams Class of 1969