Snowmageddon response by the numbers


3,500 Calls made to the fire command center during the two snowstorms

7 Citations issued to businesses for failing to clear their sidewalks

168 The number of employees contracted by the city to aid its employees in disaster relief efforts

4,400 Loads of snow dumped in the parking lots of Potomac Yard, DASH bus facility and Victory Center

20 In tons, the average weight of each load

2 The number of heavy-duty Bombardier snow-moving machines bought by the city specifically for the snowstorms

217,000 In dollars, the cost of the new machinery

3,500 The number of fire hydrants in the city requiring removal of snow and ice

12 In hours, the average shift length for emergency relief workers

12 In days, the average length of stay for contract workers in Alexandria

2 The number of weeks it is estimated to take until all of the city’s roads and driveways return to normal