Think before you write


To the editor:

When Mr. J.J. Smith stated in the February 11 Alexandria Times (“How to handle the budget gap: An open letter”) that “there has been virtually no student growth” in our schools, he is either using inaccurate or outdated statistics. 

Enrollment in Alexandria City Public Schools has increased 13 percent over the past three years and is projected to increase 3.3 percent next year that’s 1,300 students between 2007 and 2010 and 400 students for the coming school year. Meanwhile, the average cost per pupil has declined since 2007 and is projected to decline further next year. 

Many of our elementary schools are so chocked full of students that there is literally no more room to add an additional classroom. More information can be found online in documents related to the superintendent’s proposed budget at

Melynda Wilcox 
Immediate past president of the Alexandria PTA Council