Gun laws will dictate where I spend money


To the editor:

Virginia legislation allows people to carry handguns openly in public. Today,a womantold me that when she recently had lunch at a local restaurant, the person sitting at the next tabledisplayeda gun, holstered at his side.She said it “creeped her out.” As a victim of a mid-afternoonassault with a weapon on an Old Town street, I can understand why.

As I understand the legislation, each establishment can decide whether it will allowentry to people who openly carry guns. I would be very interested to know whichAlexandriarestaurants, bars, shops and the like allow people to openly carry guns into their establishments. Would the Times please publish a list of the policies of local establishmentsso that we can decidewhere we want to eat andto spend our money?

Jane Slatter


Editor’s Note: While restaurants and bars can refuse service to individuals carrying firearms, it is legal under Virginia law to “open-carry” a firearm as long as the carrier is licensed to do so.