McDonnell: Don’t forget the meaning of ‘Commonwealth’


To the editor:

I’m writing about Gov. Bob McDonnell’s appalling budget and with appreciation to the letter to you from Lucero Beebe-Giudice (“Social service isn’t a perk in a democracy, it’s required,” March 4, 2010).

Because of my concern for Virginians, I sent this letter to my state delegate and senator: “You won’t be surprised to learn how upset anyone (who cares about other people) is about the new governor’s proposed budget amendments. People of good will surely will support a temporary progressive income tax increase to help balance our budget.”

The governor’s budget means least wealthy, frailest among us will have vital services reduced and lead to sicker, more desperate residents. People will be unnecessarily placed in nursing homes and perhaps become homeless. It does not make sense to cut cost- effective home and community-based services for older adults in Virginia and have them end up in hospitals and nursing homes.

Among the items I saw: Funding reductions for local departments of social services and a number of social service programs, such as general relief for low-income adults, companion services for adults who need assistance in living and other services to abused, neglected, or exploited adults and children. 

Also troubling is the elimination of funding for local dental services in local health districts. Living in Virginia and in a civilized society means that those who can pay a fair share of the cost should take care of those who need help. We need common sense and compassionate leadership from the Virginia legislatureto get through this troubled time. The governor and many legislators seem to have forgot what “Commonwealth” means. Let’s remind them!

Cedar Dvorin