Torpedo Factory admits new artists


The Torpedo Factory Artists Association admitted 15 new artists to the art center last week after the conclusion of its annual jury process.

An outside panel of art experts made the selection from among 76 artists who applied, judging them on their ability to demonstrate the highest level of technical skill and mastery of materials and convey passion and intelligence and a sense of authenticity or uniqueness, according to a statement.

The 15 winners included two-dimensional artists and photographers Donna T. Jones, Pete McCutchen, Jo Ann Tooley, Blake Stenning and Laurie Sand; painters Matthew Tito Cuenca and Ellen Delaney; pastel artist Nancy Pane Fortwengler; printmaker Mary Morrison; and Vincent Colvin, who works in a variety of media including painting, wood, and metal.

The new Torpedo Factory three-dimensional artists include two book artists, Kelly OBrien and Melissa Hackmann, who incorporate paper making, screen printing and book binding into their artwork. Fiber artists Paulette Warwick and Anna Yakubovskaya, and wood sculpture artist Matthew Farnsworth, who creates artwork from discarded and found materials, were also selected.