In support of Patrick Murray


To the editor:

I write in support of Patrick Murray, who is running for the Republication nomination for the 8th Congressional District of Virginia in the primary to be held June 8. I have met with him on several occasions and am impressed by both his compelling belief in the greatness of America and his desire to reestablish the federal governments focus on its constitutionally defined duties.

He does not waste time coming up with complex, overly specific proposals to micromanage our lives, as does his opponent. Instead he emphasizes the governments role in protecting us, not just from foreign enemies, but from those here in America who would restrict our liberties and regulate us to death.

I believe his combined military and diplomatic experience give him a clarity of purpose when presented with threats to our country that will enable him to work with others to arrive at peaceful resolutions without sacrificing our countrys vital interests.

He has made it clear that the needs and desires of the citizens of the 8th Congressional District come before, not after, the sound bite with the reporter or the handshake with the Speaker of the House.

Meredith Ellsworth