We helped, too!


To the editor:

While I appreciate your promotion of recent volunteer events (“In Alexandria we give as well as get,” April 29, 2010) in Alexandria, I was disappointed that you failed to include Rebuilding Together Alexandria’s volunteers  who were 900 strong citywide on April 24.

The work our volunteers perform changes the lives of underserving Alexandria residents, having an impact for years.”Mrs. M.” can now get out of her house without having to be carried out by others because of the wheelchair ramp our volunteers built for her. And “Mr. P.” doesn’t have to worry about falling while getting into his bathtub because of the industrial grade grab bars our volunteers installed for him. And the “S. family” doesn’t have to choose between feeding their family and repairing the leaking roof because of the shingle repairs our volunteers made.

For nearly 25 years, our volunteers have provided free home repairs to those in need, resulting in$4.7 million of market value for Alexandria through in-kind donations of labor and materials. This year alone, our volunteers have worked on 90 homes and nonprofit facilities in the city, on average donating 9.9 hours per volunteer.

In future commentaries, please be sure to include all organizations that provide citywide volunteer services, not just those that have sprung up in recent years.

Katharine Medina

Executive director, Rebuilding Together Alexandria