Beauty comes to the King Street neighborhood


To the editor:

The next time youre walking on King Street and neighboring blocks, tune out your iPod and tune into your surroundings. Kudos and big cheers for the restaurateurs and storekeepers who have made great strides in beautifying the streetscape. Many have added attractive plants inside their outdoor seating areas while the Hotel Monaco has planted the entire block of tree wells with bright pink New Guinea impatiens.   

Way to go to the Christmas Attic, which has added even more to its year-round outdoor decorations and to the property manager for the building that houses Books-A-Million, which has a cleaning service that everyday sweeps the sidewalks and washes any area that needs it. 

Check out the 1100 and 1200 blocks of King Street where many businesses have added flowers and greens to their storefronts and tree wells. In fact, all the way down to the King Street Metro Station, most of this section has lots of plant life and flora.

We dont need additional taxes to beautify King Street. What we need is more of these wonderful businesses that have become good community partners, appreciating that beauty and cleanliness will only add value to their bottom lines and make them good neighbors at the same time.   

Unfortunately, what is missing is this commitment from some of our largest and most lucrative corporations, like CVS and Washington Real Estate Investment Trust. I would like to challenge them to come on board and help finish the job of making King Street and its side-block neighbors one of the most beautiful areas in all of Alexandria.

Meanwhile, a big thanks from one grateful resident who came home from a recent walk with a big smile. Take a good look on your next walk and join me in giving these folks kudos and cheers.

– Linda Couture