Free cab rides for partiers


Washington Regional AlcoholPrograms SoberRide program will offer free cab rides to potentially drunkdrivers throughout the Washington area for Independence Day weekend, despitethe program being endangered by a lack of funds.

The program, which raised enoughmoney during a fundraiser, will be offered beginning at 10 p.m. this Sunday andcontinue until 6 a.m. the following day, July 5, as a means to keep roads safefrom impaired drivers on this traditionally high-risk, holiday.

When asked whether theWashington-metropolitan area could afford 300 drunk drivers on its streets thisJuly fourth, major corporations and the local community responded with aresounding no, said Kurt Gregory Erickson, WRAPs president.

Duringthis eight-hour period, area residents celebrating the holiday with alcohol maycall the toll-free SoberRide phone number 1-800-200-TAXI and be afforded ano-cost (up to a $ 50 fare), safe way home. AT&T wireless customers candial #TAXI for the same service. Local taxicab companies throughout the areaprovide this no-cost service to local residents age 21 and older that may havein other cases attempted to drive home after drinking.