Illegal immigrants are criminals simple as that


To the editor:

Lucero Beebe-Giudices letter (Immigration solutions must reflect our values, April 20, 2010) calls Alexandrias participation in the Secure Communities federal-local partnership a sell-out of democratic principles in attempts to resolve a federal issue. 

Under Secure Communities local police run arrestees names thru an immigration database and turn them over to federal immigration authorities if they come up as being illegally in the country. How is this any different from running their names against various other databases covering outstanding warrants, absconders from child support payments, sexual predators, etc. 

Does Beebe-Guidice expect local police to pass, for example, if they discover an arrestee has an outstanding FBI warrant for a federal crime? Would she have local police shrug it off as a federal issue? What if the arrestee were an absconder from outstanding child support payments which, like being in the country illegally, is usually a civil rather than criminal matter? How about a sexual predator who has served his sentence but still has to register? How many criminals have police collared in traffic stops over a burned out tail light? 

Cracking down on illegal immigration is not selling out our democratic principles, but implementing them, because the majority of people in this country, and even in liberal Alexandria, want our immigration laws enforced to open up jobs for Americans and want local police to thoroughly check out arrestees backgrounds.

Dino Drudi