New money


The 2010-2011 budget goes into effect today and,along with it, new fees that will help replenish dry city coffers whileconsuming residents wages. The most significant tax hike is a 7-cent rise inthe property tax rate, which is expected to raise about $300 million.

Some fees are avoidable. Others are not. Heres alook at some of the everyday costs that may affect your pockets, and thegovernments estimates of how much revenue the increases will raise for cityervices.

Parking meter rates: $1/hour $1.75/hour  = $1.16 million

Parking meter violations: $35 $40 = $92,470

Resident parking permit fees doubled: $15 $30 for first vehicle, $20 $40 for second and $50 $100 for any additional = $200,000

Reserved parking fee for non-metered spaces: $10/day $20/day = $116,000

Towing charge: $100 $125

Impound fee: $70 $80

Impound lot storage: $30/day $80/day = $75,925

Trash and recycling collection: $327/household $336/houshold = $89,016

For acomplete list of new fees and fines, contact the Office of Management andBudget at (703) 746-3737.