To the editor:

The Alexandria Times is a welcome and much needed informative resource in this town. The concise and accurate writing in reporting news, city agendas, etc., gives residents pertinent knowledge.

In the past, unless you lived in quadrant one or frequented tourist locations, it could be close to impossible to read the other weekly, as paper stands were usually empty. Thank you for a superior news weekly available to all residents.

Of note is your June 10 issue headlining the disabled parking fees with a front-page story and an on-target editorial on the same subject. The city is nickel-and-diming the disabled residents and visitors, causing a burden as well as displaying unfriendly tones to all.

With the increases in meter costs and the additional zone decal costs, I wonder how many residents and business owners knew of these changes. 

Think of the elderly disabled lady who wants to go to her hair salon and have lunch at a restaurant. Its not a pleasurable trip, and its stressful to have a two-hour limit. Goodbye, Old Town.

C.E. Franklin