A front-page photo that made a splash

A front-page photo that made a splash

To the editor:

Please know how grateful I am for Austin Danforths front-page picture worth a thousand words that showed children staying cool in the pool of Charles Houston community center (July 8, 2010).

I dont know what your readership is but I hope teens and others will see your paper and know where to go to stay cool and happy in this horrid weather. 

What a super resource we have right here that is underused because the city closes it on the weekends. Its a shame to close this pool on weekends during this heat wave. Thank you again for a great public service. Keep up the good work keeping our priorities straight!

Mary Ann Shelton

[Editors note: Last week, encouraged by residents, the city decided to add weekend hours for its two mini-pools, the Ewald Pool on Duke Street and the Memorial Pool at Charles Houston.]