This summer, take a vacation from wasting energy


To the editor:

Summer is in full swing and we Americans are gearing up for our vacations and weekend getaways. As much as we look forward to summer activities, we cant forget that millions of gallons of oil are flowing into the Gulf of Mexico every day and our environmental and economic futures are threatened.

A declaration of energy independence is what this country needs. It can only be achieved if comprehensive clean energy legislation is passed and enacted, and if the American public embraces alternative energy options. As we make our summer plans, I urge my neighbors to do what they can to make a concerted effort to drive less. Options include carpooling or taking public transportation. 

The Gulf spill is a wake-up call regarding our dependence on and consumption of oil. If more and more families change the way they commute, our energy independence has the chance to succeed.

Ellie Smeallie