Dont step foot in my city without legal status


To the editor:

As Arizonas official crackdown on illegal border-crossers gains momentum, where will all the scattering illegal immigrants end up?  How about welcoming them to settle in such sanctuary cities as Alexandria?

Come on in, folks. Bring your anchor babies and other relatives to feast upon the aid and comfort of Alexandrias vast storehouse of (free) resources, services, and hospitality!

This prospect may be an ideal dream for illegal immigrants but will serve as just another fiscal and law-enforcement nightmare for tax-paying Alexandrians. We oppressed citizen-taxpayers, who generally have far better foresight than our elected rulers, should marshal a quick, practical remedy to the coming invasion.  

Indeed, that remedy already has a foothold in legislation drafted for introduction into the Virginia General Assembly as soon as possible (see the public petition posted at www.virginiaruleof ).  One of its key provisions would forbid any Virginia jurisdiction from proclaiming itself as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

I recommend that any Alexandria Council member choosing to oppose passage of this sorely needed legislation be voted out of office. Whats more:  As the measures language becomes final, it should maintain stiff penalties for any and all violations.

Larry W. Bryant