Equilibrium on Metros board


To the editor:

I support Gov. Bob McDonnells (R) initiative for the Commonwealth appointing two of the four Virginia Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority board members. In fact, I favor the Commonwealth appointing all four the way Maryland does.  

By the local jurisdictions choosing, we are denied our equal representation. Mayor Bill Euille is merely an alternate on the board, meaning Arlingtons Chris Zimmerman, rather than Euille, votes most of the time, even though we in Alexandria cant vote him out if we dont like how he mishandles his responsibilities.  

Have Fairfax City or Falls Church ever even had a voting member on the WMATA board? 

But best of all: Riders could be forgiven for being confused about the 25-cent paper surcharges. Metro has repeatedly called the charge a discount or savings in press releases and fliers, saying riders will save a quarter if they use plastic SmarTrip cards instead of the paper cards.

But Metro acknowledges SmarTrip riders will pay the same amount they already are paying after the August 3 fare increases. A rail trip costing $1.60 during off-peak hours on a Thursday, for example, would cost $1.85 with a paper card on a Sunday but $1.60 for SmarTrip users. (Bus riders already pay 20 cents more when they pay cash instead of using a SmarTrip.)

Dino Drudi