Recent anti-illegal immigrant sentiments are disturbing


To the editor:

It is disturbing to note that many opinion pieces submitted by my fellow Alexandrians do not honestly assess the state of our nation and the world today. Over 600,000 immigrants live and work in the Commonwealth. It is a foolhardy notion that intimidating and removing them from our communities will have any positive affect. 

Please note that while anti-immigrants are loud about any cost incurred by immigrants, they are strangely silent when it comes to acknowledging the economic benefit of having immigrant workers, taxpayers, business-owners, renters, homeowners and school children. But this conversation really isnt about whether or not everyone in our community pays their sales, real estate, food, gas, property, or other taxes imposed on residents regardless of status.

The anti-illegal immigrant agenda is about promoting xenophobia and nativism that has surfaced at various times in our history. 

Fortunately, time and time again this type of bigotry has ultimately failed.

It fails because Americans believe that our ancestors immigrated to this continent to forge a more perfect union, one that promotes life and liberty. Politicians like our neighbor in Prince William County who build their political careers on hate go down in history as shameful bigots. In 2008, Americans turned out in record numbers to vote against hate politicians. In the coming years, we will continue to do so until they are expunged from the record and true free American civil society can progress.

Lucero Beebe-Giudice