Water bill hike in effect


Alexandria residents will see a rate increase in their next water bill, according to Virginia American Water. 
The new rates, which will increase a typical residential customers bill by an estimated average of $2.35 per month, went into effect August 13.

The increase was implemented pending a decision in the general rate case application filed by VAW with the State Corporation Commission in March to increase total revenue by $6.879 million. The new rate will remain in effect until the SCC renders its final decision, which is anticipated this Fall.

VAW will refund any difference between what is collected under the new rate and what is finally approved by the Commission, according to the companys recent announcement. 

Alexandrias new rate is the least of three jurisdictions facing increases. The others are Hopewell at an average of $8.70 per month and Prince William County at $5.10 per month.