What makes a zombie run?


Watch out for zombies Saturday night. They could be lurking anywhere.

That night, a neighborhood-wide game of zombie tag called Survive Alexandria, hosted by Urban Evolution gym, will have competitors zig-zagging across a five-mile course in Old Town to raise money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the National Capital Area.

We hope to raise about $1,000 through this event, said Salil Maniktahla, owner of Urban Evolution, a fitness center which opened recently on Eisenhower Avenue.

So far we have about 125 participants signed up, Maniktahla said. Although there is no entrance fee, Maniktahla is recommending that participants donate $10 each all proceeds will go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Players start out as runners and must reach six safe zones without being tagged by other players, the designated zombies. Any runner tagged by a zombie turns into a one and sets out to tag runners themselves.

Each runner carries a map of the course and needs to have it stamped at each of the six safe zones without being tagged.     Runners will wear blue glow necklaces and zombies will wear red glow necklaces. Once a runner is tagged they must change necklaces.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. at Oronoco Park and continues until all runners reach the last station or become zombie-ized. 

There is no set course, Maniktahla said. The object is to get to each station without being tagged. No one ever takes the most direct route. Thats a sure way to get tagged.

Although this is the first Survive Alexandria race, Urban Evolutions online community has sponsored many similar races throughout the area, according to Maniktahla. 

Awards will be presented in two announced categories: The first to reach the last station without being tagged and the zombie who tags the most runners. A number of other winning categories will be recognized at Urban Evolutions post-race party.

For additional information about Alexandrias Urban Evolution visit their website at www.urbanevo.com. To sign up for Saturdays game of zombie tag or request more information, email info@urbanevolution.com.