David Englin: engaging citizens 101


To the editor:
Del. David Englin (D-45) should teach a class to other politicians and their volunteers.  
I am an active registered voter who lives in the Hopkins Tancil public housing development. I attended the annual community cookout that Mr. Englin held on September 16, because I wanted to take part in the dialogue and hear about what he has done for the community in which I live.  
I was offered some chili and a drink from a very bubbly gentleman. That was a great start! I cordially asked, Which one is Englin? He pointed to an office-casual dressed man, engaging about 10 youths in front of someones stoop. 
I then began to look around with excitement at being a part of the event. I thought someone would have handed me a brochure or asked if I need to register to vote. That didnt happen! What I saw was Mr. Englin mixing with the community, but the other politicians and Englins volunteers were in a cluster together by the chili and drinks.  
Mr. Englin was still talking to the teens 10 minutes later when I left. He stood out at the event, not because he was a white guy talking to black teens. He stood out because he understands that being a successful politician has to do with building relationships, not just securing votes. 
If politicians pay attention to their constituents concerns and then seem to change and/or replace laws that their constituents like or dislike, thats how they secure future votes.  

Mr. Englin demonstrated the number one rule: engage the citizens. Thats why he should teach a class.

Nisa Harper