Police investigate drive-by BB-gun shooting


A husband and wife were walking on South Alfred Street about 7:49 p.m. when a gray or silver pick-up truck filled with juveniles drove past, officials said. The couple heard a popping sound and the woman felt something hit her in the back, likely a BB, police said. 

She was not injured and does not want to prosecute, but officials are still taking the shooting seriously, said police department spokesman Jody Donaldson. While the victim escaped harm, a BB gun has the potential to cause serious injury.

Its not something anybody should do, Donaldson said. The reality is the kids might think its funny to do something like this but the reality is they could seriously injury someone who is getting hit in the face or the eye.

Theres no way of knowing whether the shooting was a prank, he said.

The department hasnt received any similar reports, but there have been analogous crimes across the country, Donaldson said.

Weve had cases around the country where kids are taking paintball guns, shooting stuff and putting the videos on YouTube, but we havent seen anything like this, he said.