School board is goal-less no longer


Despite some more verbal sparring, the officials should have a set of board and division goals for the 2010-11 school year adopted by October 7. 

Under the revised board goals, members will review the present Alexandria City Public Schools strategic plan, the Baldrige National Quality Program/Education Criteria for Performance Excellence and adopt a compensation and benefits philosophy for budget preparation. 

Two additional objectives, proposed by board member Arthur Peabody, call on his colleagues to engage the community in proactive, positive outreach and participate in a minimum of 12-hours of professional training annually. 

I think that I would recommend we make some amount of hours [for professional seminars], because it’s not simply refreshing to go to these conferences. I find that they’re energizing, imbibing you with a new sense of energy and inspiration, Peabody said. We should commit ourselves to go to a certain number of hours to professional training to become more effective advocates for our children.

Though changes also were made to the proposed school division goals, not everyone was happy with the final product, due for an up or down vote at the boards next meeting. 

Board member Mimi Carter wanted a communications plan incorporated into the districts yearly goals, but met with opposition from Superintendent Morton Sherman. Division goals should focus on student development, not board policy, he said.

I do still think we need to highlight communications as a division priority, not just external communication, but internal communications, she said. I think if we had had a communications plan in place some of the comments that came tonight from PTA members and other items would not be an issue.