Syllabi improvements for T.C.


The School Board got its first look at completed syllabi from T.C. Williams teachers, part of a plan to turn around the citys sole public high school.
Parents are expected to read, sign and send the completed form at the bottom of the syllabi back to teachers, said Cathy David, deputy superintendent of schools. The positive, goal-orientated documents will foster higher levels of learning and critical thinking skills, she said.
What’s been different is a focus on a higher level of instruction that engages more critical thinking and problem solving, David told the board. They have essential questions for a unit and essential transfer goals as to how it applies to life and other situations.
Board members praised the newly developed syllabi. They forged stronger connections between educators, parents and students, said Ronnie Campbell. 
This is one way of getting the parents involved and it gives you so much information, so much more than I ever had in the past, she said.