City looks to Feds for traffic control officer money


Elected officials want traffic control officers ushering vehicles to and from the Defense Departments rising congestion magnet at Mark Center on the West End, but they dont want taxpayers to foot the bill.

The city council requested Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) nudge DoD decision makers to request $1.2 million for the officers, but city officials have yet to hear back, though they said the message was delivered.

If we dont hear back within a week or so, we probably need to push back, said Rich Baier, director of Transportation and Environmental Services. We dont want this issue to become stale. Its real important to the council and to the community that we keep this going.

The Defense Department agreed in principle to work with the city on a shuttle bus system using city-owned buses, according to city staff, which Councilman Rob Krupicka called a lynchpin to keeping the impending traffic issue somewhat achievable.