Democrats protest Murray fundraiser, claim ties to Bush administration


Democratic activists flaunted signs reading Strategery and Mission Accomplished at a fundraiser for Republican congressional candidate Patrick Murray in Old Town Thursday, claiming the reception tied Murray to the policies of the Bush administration.

The Bush-Cheney Alumni Association endorsed Murray and headlined the event at the Old Dominion Boat Club.

Outside, Alexandria Democratic Committee chair Clark Mercer served up slices of yellow cake to about 12 activists, symbolizing the yellowcake sought but never obtained by Saddam Hussein. The suspicion of yellowcake helped inform the decision to invade Iraq.

We have yet to hear a single thing that [Murray] disagrees with the Bush administration on, and thats beyond the pale, Mercer said. Its disturbing that theyre honoring their legacy. Hes here to raise money from a certain segment of the population, but at what cost?

Mike Lane, Murrays spokesman, said the Bush-Cheney Alumni association approached the campaign. Murray accepted because were proud to have the support of those whove served their country honorably,” Lane said.

Supporters walking into the reception were unapologetic and mostly scoffed at the activists. Hillary Clinton and several European countries agreed with the faulty intelligence, said Tim Nank, a Navy intelligence officer and former director of the Office of Nuclear Defense under Bush.

I have trouble making a negative connection, he said.

I didnt know Bush was running, jabbed Charles Nesby, appointed director of the Center for Minority Veterans under the Bush administration.

But to Democrats, the endorsement and several others Murray has accepted ties him to a problematic political era, Mercer said. Murrays endorsements from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, former Virginia governor George Allen and Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa, are especially problematic to 8th District voters, he said.

King said on a talk radio show in June that President Barack Obama has a default mechanism in him that favors the black person. He later apologized for the statement but not before he was disinvited to a GOP fundraiser in Colorado, according to the Colorado Independent.

Im here because people who support this candidate and people [Murray has] accepted support from are not good for us, said Liz Campbell an 8th District voter at the protest.

Murray, who served in the Army from George H.W. Bushs administration through the beginning of President Obamas, said the fundraiser did not categorically tie him to Bushs policies.

We made it a point in this campaign to talk to anybody, anywhere, Murray said. I cant imagine everywhere you go it inexorably ties you to someone. If Im lucky, Ill talk to every person in this district.

UPDATE: Murray’s campaign posts video of Moran wrongly claiming military endorsements.