Firefighters honor fallen colleagues

Firefighters honor fallen colleagues

The Alexandria Fire Department and the city’s other public safety arms met at Ivy Hill Cemetery Friday to recognize 90 firefighters who perished in the line of duty over the last year.

No Alexandria firefighters died on the job this year, a fact for which Assistant Fire Chief Denise Pouget was thankful. 

Still, as they do every year, fire officials honored the department’s fallen members in the Circle of Honor, starting with Charles Glasscock who in 1850 died of injuries after being hit by a hand-drawn fire engine. 

Descendants of the deceased placed red roses in a metal vase until 15 flowers filled it up one for each AFD member to die in the line of duty.

“We’re here honoring the members that have made the ultimate sacrifice,” Pouget said on a sunny yet somber morning.

Three Virginia firefighters lost their lives over the past year, according to the Roll of Honor.

Friday marked the 40th anniversary of Alexandria’s Circle of Honor. Fire Chief Adam Thiel, attending to family matters, could not make the ceremony. Mayor Bill Euille, recovering from knee surgery, also missed the gathering.