Local couple honored


Longtime activists Chet Avery and his wife Sabra had Tuesday to themselves, literally. The Alexandria City Council honored their lifetime commitment to people with disabilities by branding October 26, 2010 Chet and Sabra Avery Day. 

The couple made Alexandria their home more than 40 years ago, pushing the city forward as an equal-access jurisdiction ever since.

Being a part of this city gave me an opportunity, with Sabra at my side, to be better than I wanted to be, because everything we strove for came to pass, Avery said. 

Chet was the first appointee to the Alexandria Commission for Persons with Disabilities, which he served for 36 years. He served on countless commissions and boards simultaneously, including the Human Rights Commission for 25 years. On Tuesday he thanked the commission and the city council for being open-minded.

Councilwoman Del Pepper called Sabra as a quieter yet forceful catalyst of change.
Room 2000 at City Hall will also be named after the couple, officials said.