Moran a leader on BRAC


To the editor:

In an ideal world, the BRAC 133 project at Mark Center would be located elsewhere, near a Metro station. While Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) and other members of the Congressional delegation from Northern Virginia (including Republican Tom Davis) strongly opposed this site selection, the Department of Defense selected the Mark Center anyway. 

Since that decision was made, Congressman Moran has been a vocal and strong leader making sure the impact of the new building is mitigated. Much of this would not be possible without Morans senior leadership positions in the House of Representatives.     Moran has made sure that the Winkler Preserve will go unharmed, even as the Defense Department, the Virginia Department of Transportation and others have suggested that a ramp be built through the preserve. 

Moreover, the congressman has put language into this years Defense Authorization Bill, which has passed the House of Representatives, capping the number of parking spaces that can be used at the building to 1,000 until the Defense Department can prove that the area can absorb more vehicles. Thats no small feat and, if passed by the Senate, it will force more time, attention and federal funding to go into a traffic plan for the Mark Center something that should have been a much higher priority in the first place.
I am grateful for Congressman Morans leadership and want to make sure hes still in Congress after November 2 to fight to make sure a traffic plan is put in place for the Mark Center.