Murrays political tactics are appalling


To the editor:

Just when we think politics cannot shock us any more, the Murray campaign comes out with a whopper. Our mouths just dropped in disbelief when We heard recently that Patrick Murray was trying to blame Congressman Jim Moran for the recently built monstrosity at Seminary Road and I-395 known as BRAC 133.  

Where has Murray been for the last several years when Moran fought for the building to go to Springfield where there was Metro access and roads to handle the 4,000 extra vehicles expected? 

After the Department of Defense chose the Mark Center site, it was Moran who worked with the community to save the Winkler Botanical Preserve from having an overpass built through it. It was Moran who called a Town Hall Meeting to allow the community to ask questions and express their concerns and it was Moran who is working to force BRAC 133 to allow a limited number of vehicles  at the site until a workable traffic plan is developed. 

Sorry, Murray, but you couldnt have picked a worse issue on which to fight Moran. We personally are proud to call Jim Moran our congressman and are so thankful we have had someone who knows our community and our needs representing us. Moran will have our thanks and our vote this Tuesday.