Youths jump man for money


Filling out a money order in the lobby of a South Reynolds Street building, a 47-year-old unidentified man was assaulted by a gang of juveniles looking for a loan about 8 p.m. October 5. 

Authorities dont know why the victim was drawing up a money order, but say a girl approached him asking to borrow money. She and three other youths a pair of females and males jumped the victim after he claimed not to have any, police said. 

The victim was left uninjured and the assailants fled the scene, said Jody Donaldson, department spokesman. 

All four were black, police said. One of the girls wore a maroon sweater and the other a blue sweater. One of the males had short black braids, according to authorities.

Officers are working with the property management company as part of the investigations. Witnesses were unable to provide much else information, Donaldson said.