Free parking for disabled: an antiquated system


To the editor:

Congratulations to the Alexandria Times for the important and objective story on the possibility of removing free parking benefits for those who claim a disability; and most of all, hats off to the Alexandria Police Department and the city government for this progressive idea.  
I hope that other cities consider it as well. It seems to me that the issue is an antiquated one that has not been properly analyzed until now, especially in these times of dire budget outlooks. For a person with a legitimate disability to get a favored parking spot within the city seems fair and non-negotiable (and I, like other citizens, hope that fraudulent users can be sought out and penalized). 
But for a person not to have to pay for parking seems absurd. I cant think of any good reason why the system of paying for parking would seek to benefit one person over another. Parking, road conditions and the smooth flow of traffic, especially near our wonderful commercial area in Old Town, is a privilege that the city provides us and for which we should all contribute. 
I write as somebody who recently had foot surgery. During Februarys terrible Snowmaggedon, I hobbled around town, often block after block, while running errands, not having applied for a disabled sticker because I didnt want to take advantage of the system. However, it never even crossed my mind that with a disabled sticker I would not have had to pay: All of a sudden, because I had my foot operated on, Im exempt from parking fees and the city has to compensate for lost revenue? 
(Again), I have to say absurd!