Help keep my doctor at Casey clinic


To the editor:
The Flora Krause Casey Health Center, more commonly known as the Casey clinic, is about to undergo a major change. It is in the process of being taken over by another health center in Arlandria. They will be bringing in some of their own doctors, which means that unless you are a patient of Dr. Truong, you will be forced to have a new doctor.
I am a patient of Dr. Robert Wolverton. If, up until now, you have also been fortunate enough to have him as your doctor, you know what an incredibly wonderful and caring person he is. He is very much beloved by the people at the Casey clinic. And, that is for a reason: In addition to being a genuinely nice person, he cares very much about his patients, giving them the time that they need with him, and the care that they receive.
I am launching a campaign to save Dr. Wolverton from having to leave the Casey clinic and I need your help. If you also do NOT want to see Dr. Wolverton leave the Casey clinic, please let your voice be heard!
Contact Dr. Stephen Haering, director of the Alexandria Health Department, and let him know how you feel that we want Dr. Wolverton to remain at the Casey clinic! You can leave a message for Dr. Haering with his secretary, Dean Bryant, at 703-746-4956. Or you can e-mail Dr. Haering at to let him know how you feel. But you must act quickly because all of this is supposed to happen by the end of this month! 
Please join with me in trying to keep Dr. Wolverton from having to leave the Casey clinic. If you have any other ideas that you think may be helpful in achieving this, please contact me at 703-370-5311. Believe me, if he has to go, I know that he will miss his patients every bit as much as much as we will miss him. Lets all work together in trying to keep Dr. Wolverton at Casey!